Solutions - Step 5: Services

A complete suite of installation services is available for all your fleet requirements. Due to the complexity of installations, quotes are available through the DSC and are dependent on a variety of factors, including vehicle type, location and the variety of equipment to be installed.  The DSC has partnered with a number of national installers and can facilitate the final step of implementing your solution.  Please call the DSC at 866.975.5DSC or contact the DSC by email at for more information.

Installation instructions for the DS-DELL-100 and DS-DELL-200 series docks

Installation instructions for the DS-DELL-300 series docks


As part of Havis' commitment to a world-class product, it warranties all docks, mounts and accessories.  This industry-leading program insures your device will work flawlessly for years.  Plus, for added protection against customer damage, Havis offers a number of extended no-fault warranties.

Lifetime Warranty
All mounting hardware provided by Havis comes with a complete lifetime warranty.  If, at any time the product should have an issue due to manufacturer's defect, Havis will fix the device at no cost.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty
A limited warranty, providing protection against manufacturer defects on docking stations and laptop mounts for 3 years.  A more detailed explanation is available here.

Extended, No-Fault Warranty
For all docks and electronic accessories, users now have the option of purchasing this no-fault extended coverage for up to five years. The bottom line? If the components become damaged on your dock, we'll replace it regardless of who was at fault.  Please call today for a free estimate.


Have questions about installation or warranties? Please call the DSC at 866.975.5DSC or contact the DSC by email at

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